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The LegisTech Library is a comprehensive digital repository meticulously designed by Bússola Tech, dedicated to ensure collaborative learning and exchange about legislative governance, modernisation and digital transformation. Rooted in the principle of collaborative learning, it serves as a bridge connecting colleagues from Parliaments and Subnational Legislatures.

With a vast and carefully curated collection, the library houses years of articles and studies that aim to foster innovation and facilitate the modernisation and the digital transformation of legislative activities. This resource underscores Bússola Tech's dedication to fomenting the peer-to-peer collaboration, decentralising knowledge exchange about this topic of the utmost importance to Parliaments.

The LegisTech Library is composed of:

  • Studies about individual modernisation cases from Parliaments, Subnational Legislatures, Regional Parliaments and Inter-Parliamentary Organisations.

  • Thematic Articles about specific topics pertaining to the different domains of legislative modernisation.

We have leveraged IT and Human Resources to enable clear and plain language in the publications, ensuring its accessibility to readers from all backgrounds.

To sustain and continue this diligent initiative, we've created a way for colleagues to contribute with a symbolic sum to the maintenance of the LegisTech Library and continued research and publication. Yet, in line with our commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, no one will be left behind. For colleagues who might find it challenging to contribute, Bússola Tech has established a channel where they can request full access to the entire Library, ensuring that knowledge remains within everyone's reach.

We believe the exchange of knowledge is a fundamental element to ensure everyone has the tools to enable institutional transformation. It goes beyond individual learning, and it fortifies governance, bolstering modernisation efforts and enhancing the efficacy and responsiveness of parliaments.

Openness and genuine collaboration form the foundation of the LegisTech Library. Within its digital corridors, barriers become bridges, ideas come together, and collectively, we envision a future of the legislative institutions.

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Should you be unable to afford the library’s contribution, please reach out to us at library@bussola-tech.co. We have our unwavering commitment to enable this knowledge to all colleagues.


Bússola Tech

The LegisTech Library by Bússola Tech is a repository for legislative collaboration. With a vast collection, it bridges Parliaments in its endeavours to modernise their institutions.